A Wicked White-Knuckle Dime Novel Revival!

By the sorcery of this Glass Grimoire, which empowers us to share our pulp serial page-turners, we honour the yarns of yesteryear. Lean and mean, down and dirty.

The skinny:

1. You choose a genre (look beneath the banner at the top of this page). Then, using the Lester Dent Pulp fiction short story formula (learn about it here), you hammer down your pulp fiction story.

3. Email your story to Glass Grimoire editor in chief, Zadok Ray. Please follow the simple, straight-up guidelines on the submissions page. A chapter at a time is fine — cliffhangering is encouraged!

4. After editorial review, your yarn will be posted in the appropriate genre section and posted for our followers.

5. Glass Grimoire readers will rate, review, comment upon and generally discuss the your work. All is fuel and fodder for informing your revisions!

By submitting, you merely grant permission for us to post your stories. We lay no claim upon your intellectual property.

Of course, there is no need to write and submit stories in order to enjoy the sorcery of the Glass Grimoire! Everything here is available for your pulp prose perusing pleasure!

Rock n’ scroll!

Ever yours, in pulp profundity, Zadok Ray