There is no “one, true #religion”. But there is #meditation!

Enlightenment is the opposite of narcissism




In simplest terms, spiritual fulfillment is not possible by way of anything external to oneself. Awakening, enlightenment, salvation, mystical experience — whatever term you use to denote the destination — is not possible by way of any exoteric phenomena.

The only truth is that YOU are God. Everything is. Everything always has been and always will be. And the only way the truth of this statement can be experienced is through meditation, which is the means by which one transcends the chattering of the constructed ego that is projected upon consciousness as a constructed reality.

The teachings of Christ, Buddha, Krishna etc. (whether they existed historically or not, is irrelevant) all attempt to articulate this idea. How successfully it has been heard is another matter all together, for this sacred truth has been all manner of misunderstood, mistranslated and misrepresented, over the centuries.

Make yourself physically comfortable in a way that allows you to be relaxed while still intensely aware of your surroundings, allow thoughts to come but do not invite them to stay for tea and they will drift on by. This is meditation. With committed practice, the ego, the I, the me, will be exposed for the small, pushy, blabbering delusional and deceitful loudmouth it is, and — in time — Eden will welcome you home.

If enlightenment is Disneyland, religion is the motel you stay at on the way to Disneyland. But people get tired of driving, so they end up just telling the kids (and themselves) that the motel is Disneyland.



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