#MaryPoppins is an #occult treatise hidden in plain sight.

Education + Discipline acquired in youth are transformed into wisdom by eventually just, simply, relaxing and letting go! The reward is heaven on Earth and eternal bliss: a childlike appreciation at the wonder of reality

There is also a fringe benefit in the way this enlightened consciousness even becomes capable of transforming one’s tangible reality. This is what magic is.

No occult philosopher from Plato to Crowley would disagree that this statement conveys the essence of what magic is, in the Western conception of it.

Mary Poppins is a presentation of this essence.

It is an occult treatise hidden in plain sight, a lesson on how one should live and the rewards that enrich that path.

By being in complete control of her faculties while simultaneously relaxing and soaking up life — she is true wisdom to power that embodies the sorcerer’s vocation/vacation.

Please discuss!

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