A new mystic age dawns. The fire rekindled by this, our, glass grimoire. #mysticism #ReligionOfNoReligion #GlassGrimoire #AndyCrowleySaga


There is but one consciousness in existence. Like gravity, electromagnetism, or light, it is a fundamental property of reality. This consciousness is what was intended or alluded to when the ancients spoke of God, or gods.

Each of us is that consciousness, though we have come to associate so intimately and exclusively with the egoic construct of self, that we must — through meditation and through selflessness as made manifest in conveyances love and kindness — recollect our true nature.

We are not our country, race, religion, education, political affiliations, career or fashion choices.

We are not even our thoughts and feelings.

We are the one consciousness that is observing all such concepts and constructions — even that one you have labeled me or I or <insert name here>.

Together, now, we are transcending the engineered notions and delusion that have maintained to constrain us and rendered us more easily used.

A new mystic age has dawned.

The last of the fruit of Eden is withering.

Each of is now, a lamp unto one another illuminates the journey home.



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