The Banjoman’s Limbo Gate

He exhaled. Andy could tell he was pressing all the air out from his lower belly.

Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone beyond.

He inhaled into his centre. Below his navel. Andy didn’t see it but he knew it.

Delineation, delusion, distraction no more.

Andy was startled then, for a dragon-headed serpent burst from the ground and sped high into the air. Then it arched down in a perfect half circle and slammed into the ground like it was warm butter. Its head reappeared and Andy knew it sped in an arch through the ground beneath their feet as easily as it flew overhead. The dragon’s head chased its tail. Faster and faster, until the ouroboros seemed to him like the enso: the brushed circle of Zen.

Within the circle, the purple mists of Limbo appeared.

The ouroboros was a gate!

The Banjoman smiled at him, which perplexed Andy. A Zen master would not be proud of a spectacle like this. A Zen master would not be proud.

Then Andy remembered that the Banjoman was not a Zen master.

And he smiled and followed the Lord of Limbo into the purple mist.

Read the Andy Crowley Saga.

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