Into a Metaphysical Maelstrom for a New Mystic Age

Andy Crowley Sole Sorcerer of Sanctuary

“Western Society is built on a series of misunderstandings.”

~ Terence McKenna




Meditation is the means by which we wither the fruit of Eden — centuries of nonsensical conceptualization, constructions and delineations — and transcend the construct of egoic self.

Then, using the knowledge of the ancients, we may venture within to the probability vortices where the delta quanta churns.

From there, on the mobeius bridge between ‘I‘ and ‘All‘, between deepest within and most distant beyond, imagination and manifestation are interchangeable equivalencies.

And we can disassemble and reassemble reality in accordance with our desires.

Sorcery is simple, really.

It’s just psychology made geography.

And seriously, I don’t know about you, but teenage, rock n’ roll, outer space wizard sounds a lot cooler to me than taking a job at the goddamn mall!



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