Writing a Spell for this, Our, Glass Grimoire!

Collaborative Fantasy Fun (and Function) for a New Mystic Age


“The infinite mind of the All is the womb of universes.”

~ The Kybalion



Either by neglect or by elite design, the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, and mysticism in general, faded into historical obscurity in the Western world with the rise of European Christianity and the “rational” philosophical reductionism it spawned.

It can be argued that no greater disservice was done to humanity. Indeed, the ontological hegemony that spread in the absence of a significant mystical counter-argument to religious dogma may be one of the reasons we now sit now on a crumbling precipice peering dumbfounded into an ecological, economic, political and sociological abyss.

The Internet, though certainly steroids for the forces that wish to sustain the Dark Epoch of Ego (and its fellow horsemen indentured servitude, conspicuous consumption, and ecological Armageddon), may also provide us with our one last hope…

A Glass Grimoire offering the promise of a mystic revival — or, dare I say it — a New Mystic Age.

From childhood, we now carry in our pockets, a page from this grimoire, each of which holds the entire repository of all human knowledge. This seems completely lost on us.

Rather conveniently — some might even say magically — the Glass Grimoire also empowers us to research, collaborate on, create, and share our ideas, our dreams, and our art.


At this very moment, I am typing on a page of the Grimoire. In all likelihood, you are reading what I typed on the Grimoire as well. We have been given a gift of Promethean stature and implications.

My part in this, for whatever it’s worth, is to tell a story of cosmic proportions about a teenage Dungeons & Dragons-loving headbanger who, despite being from magic-less Earth becomes an outer-space wizard destined to rule over all of reality.

Presented in a weekly pulp serial format, I invite readers to share their ideas, their inspiration, their knowledge and their informational resources in order to make The Andy Crowley Saga a living, dynamic reflection of modern takes on mystic subjects informed by traditional sources.

To be clear, I see this as art. And I intend to have fun doing it. But it is also a spell we will be casting together.

I make no claim of any expertise and what I present here is intended to be a venue to engage people more knowledgable than myself. It is my hope that other mystics (neophytes and sorcerers alike) will enjoy what they read enough to help me build by sharing their knowledge and wisdom in the comment boxes below each chapter.

Blessed with this Glass Grimoire, is it possible we could craft a spell of awakening, end the epoch of ego and exploitation, and deliver a new mystical era wherein the fruit of Eden — the egoic delusion of self — withers in the glare of an ancient torch rekindled?

When Andy Crowley disembarked from Atlantis for Memphis Nova I, throneworld of the Martian Solar Dynasty, he did not know if he would ever see Deb Holcroft, his friends, or his sister ever again. Facing this harsh truth he turned to Kip Kilroy and said,

“Fear and curiosity are both selfish feelings. But the purpose of fear is to keep you alive and the purpose of curiosity is to propel you deeper into living.”

“And what good is being alive if you aren’t living?” Kip burst in to finish Andy’s thought. 

I hope that, together, we can make this sentiment manifest in the pages of this, our, Glass Grimoire.

Mystic liberation through collaborative literature…

Rock n’ scroll!


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