To Avoid becoming a God,

A Teenage, Rock n’ Roll, Outer Space Wizard
Must Become a Man


Western society is built on a series of misunderstandings.

~ Terence McKenna



In 1984, Andy Crowley is the wickedest Dungeon Master in Corbyville and the boys on the River Road know it. What they don’t know is that he has also trained in the secret astral libraries of Akashic Alexandria to become the only sorcerer on Earth.

There’s something else they don’t know.

Beyond Sanctuary Rim, out in the sorcerous bedlam of the wider, wilder multiverse, the world they’ve only ever thought of as Earth is revered by another name.


Coveted by all reality as the sacred symbol of peace and solitude, and ever under the watchful eye of the Martian Solar Dynasty, Stewards of Sanctuary, protection of Sanctuary’s innocence is maintained by strict enforcement of the Eden Edict of the Binary Proclamation.

For if the prophecy is true, that the Abraxas — vanquisher of all free will in the cosmos — will arise from Sanctuary, then the Earthers must never know that their world is the one realm in all existence…

…where magic doesn’t work.



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