Andy Crowley of Corbyville, Bane of All Gods, disembarks for the frontier within. It’s 1984.

“”Neath that fruit in error bitten
Lay all ever known —


Come to wither Eden’s curse: the ego,
Such is the grace
Of the
Grimoire of Glass.”




At two-ten, the recess bell rang to bring them inside. At two-fifteen, it rang again. For the five minutes in between, the boys threw elbows to get in front of the bathroom mirror. Parting in the middle and feathering back was essential.

Andy Crowley didn’t need the mirror. He could part and feather with just his fingers.

You see, he wasn’t merely the best dungeon master with the best record collection on the River Road — he was also the only sorcerer on Earth.

And though he didn’t know it yet, he was destined to acquire the Glass Grimoire of cosmic myth and establish dark, tyrannical rule over all reality.



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