A cosmic odyssey for a new mystic age

All Western civilization is built on a series of misunderstandings.

~ Terrence McKenna




Andy Crowley is a wicked Dungeon Master and the boys on the River Road know it. What they don’t know is that, just as his strange childhood visions had directed him to, Andy had trained in the Akashic Library of Alexandria to become the only sorcerer on Earth.

There is another thing Andy’s friends don’t know.

Earth, as they call it, is better known across the sorcerous bedlam of the multiverse as Sanctuary.

More than a sacred oasis of peace and solitude, Sanctuary’s innocence also represents the last hope the Pentarchy holds that the Abraxas prophecy can be defied. For how can the most powerful magical entity ever to exist rise to dark tyranny in the one place in all reality…

…where magic doesn’t work?

It’s 1984.




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