Andy Crowley Sole Sorcerer of Sanctuary

Lucifer has annexed Hades, the Martian Pharaoh has located the Glass Grimoire, and a sorcerer — rather impossibly — has arisen on magicless Earth.

“Esoteric or inner knowledge is no different from other kinds of knowledge. It is a mystery to the average person in the same way writing is a mystery to a person who has not yet learned to write.”

~ Rudolf Steiner

The disembodied souls adrift between their organic lives are the fuel of sorcery. When a bottled, unincarnated soul is released by a spellcaster, the resultant aetheric plasma breach makes it possible for consciousness to penetrate inward to the probability vortices at the heart of The All. By drawing delta quanta from the vortices, across the moebius bridge, the sorcerer can alter reality itself in accordance with his whims.

In the first age of the cosmos, wars for these souls waged without reprieve.

After the Treaty of Jotunheim, and the emergence of the inter-planar soul economy, the soul-trading houses, Heliopolis, Heaven, Helheim, Hades, Hell, and Fey in particular, rose to prominence in the Sanctuary Proximus sector of reality.

In the midst of all this, oblivious to the sorcerous bedlam ranging around it, there is the world called Sanctuary, the sacred blue-green jewel of all existence.

Revered for singular, high purpose, Sanctuary is the sole enclave and escape from the magical chaos of the wider, wilder multiverse. It is a place for rest, recovery, diplomacy and peace.

For Sanctuary, you see — or Earth, as it is called by Andy Crowley, its greatest son — is the one place in all reality, where magic does not work.

It is 1984.

Read (and please share) the Andy Crowley Saga.

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